At this facility, the revised Health Promotion Law will be enforced from April 2020, and smoking will be separated into non-smoking and smoking areas.
Outdoor smoking areas are only outside the ground floor lounge.
Shuzenji Hot Springs with biggest public bath and outdoor bath at Shuzenji Hot Springs

【Official】Syuzenjionsen Hotel Takitei

Recommended points of Hotel Takitei

·Reasonably stay at Shuzenji Hot Springs
·You can use Wi-Fi in your room.
·Sightseeing spot of Shuzenji can also turn around within walking distance and is convenient!
·The hot springs are wide, so you can relax and have a relaxing time!


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Syuzenjionsen Hotel Takitei


722 Shuzenji, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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About 10 minutes by bus from Shuzenji Station to Shuzenji Hot Springs (get off at Shuzenji General Information Hall) 3 minutes on foot Right along the road
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